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How & Why It's Important to Clean Your CPAP System

How and Why It’s Important to Clean Your CPAP system

Aside from making sure that you are using the right CPAP machine on the correct settings, cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP machine and components is critical. It is essential that CPAP sanitizing is preformed on a regular basis to ward off colds, respiratory illness and drive away harmful germs.  

It’s also important to remember that harmful pathogens don’t just house themselves on your mask and hose. The CPAP machine water reservoir can harbor moisture which is an ideal habitat for mold and bacteria to flourish. Using the best equipment to perform the sanitizing task is a must. The Active Lifestyle Store carries a couple of the top products recommended for CPAP users to assure the job is done right and you stay healthy.

SoClean Automatic CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer

The SoClean Cleaner and sanitizer is one of the most popular automatic equipment cleaners on the market. It’s a faster and easier way to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in your mask, hose and reservoir. The best part of this system is that there is no water or chemicals needed for the process and you don’t have to disassemble your equipment.

The SoClean uses “activated oxygen” – otherwise known as ozone – pumped into the chamber that holds your CPAP equipment. The process only takes 10 minutes to fully sanitize and make it ready to use. It’s a fast and simple way to make sure you are protected from harmful germs and contaminants.

To get the best treatment, you should use the SoClean pre-wash on any new mask before cleaning the first time.  This will help to remove any residue left behind during the manufacturing process.  The only maintenance you’ll have after that periodically replace the filter, but those cost only $30 and are very low price to pay for your health and safety.

Lumin UV CPAP Cleaner

The Lumin UV CPAP Cleaner is another extremely popular product purchased by CPAP users. Just like the SoClean, this device does not use water or chemicals to clean your equipment but instead of using ozone to disinfect, it uses UV light and takes even less time to process. UV light is an extremely efficient and proven method used by hospitals and other places where a fully sterile environment is necessary.

The Lumin UV CPAP cleaner omits a high energy light within a narrow spectrum otherwise known as the UV-C. The machine produces the highest possible amount of light enabling it to clean everything in only 5 minutes killing 99% of harmful germs, bacteria and pathogens that can cause illness and infections.

There are additional benefits to using the Lumin. You do not need to prewash the equipment (merely wipe it down) and there are no replacement parts needed. The germicidal bulb is rated for 9,000 hours and considering the cleaning is only 5 minutes each time, the machine should outlast the life of your CPAP machine.  If the bulb were to break or become damaged, replacement bulbs are available.

One final benefit to the Lumin is that it can be used to disinfect other small household items like dentures, hearing aids, toothbrushes, cellphones, and a slew of other things you’d like to have germ-free.

Additional cleaning tips for your CPAP machine

Because your health is of the utmost importance, here are some additional pointers to ensure you are taking every precaution to keep everything clean and fresh:

  • Don’t use alcohol based products to clean any part of the equipment. It can break down the materials and render them non-usable.
  • Get in the habit of wiping everything down. Once you establish a routine, it will become second nature.
  • Wash your face before use and avoid facial moisturizers and creams. Washing will remove the contaminants you pick up throughout the day and moisturizers can rub off on the mask producing a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
  • Set tasks to remind you to perform deep cleaning and order replacement parts and accessories. Technology makes it super simple to get reminders and your body will thank you for staying on top of good hygiene.
  • Pay special attention to cleaning when you are sick. You already are ridden with germs and don’t need to give them any additional reasons to stick around. Perform through cleanings and additional cleanings during this time to kick those germs to the curb.
  • Use distilled or purified water whenever possible. Tap water can be full of minerals and chemicals that are harmful to the materials that your equipment is made of. Get the most out of your investment by using the best methods.
  • Maintain you CPAP cleaning devices. Make sure your cleaning equipment is kept somewhere safe and out of the way where it could get damaged. Always follow manufacturer’s advice, recommendations and requirements.

CPAP machines have been life changing for millions of users. People experience deeper, uninterrupted sleep, wake up refreshed and are much more productive in their day to day lives. Don’t let something like pesky germs and bacteria ruin all the good they do.

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