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Oxygen Bubble Humidifier Bottle

Oxygen Accessory


This disposable bubble humidifier bottle is compatible with all models of stationary oxygen concentrators.  Made from durable plastic, it holds 500 mL of water and has a recessed nipple which reduces possible breakage.    

  • 6psi, holds 500 mL
  • Disposable, durable plastic
  • Unique diffuser designed to provide patient with comfortable, therapeutic humidity and minimal noise
  • Defined maximum and minimum water level lines
  • Recessed nipple reduces possibility of breaking off outlet connection
  • Preset audible alarm at 6 psi pressure relief
  • Allows for use of longer lengths of oxygen tubing without the audible alarm sounding

We recommend that you wash your humidifier bottle daily and replace it every 1 to 2 weeks to cut down on bacteria growth as well as mineral deposits.

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