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Designed to Weather Everyday Life.

Invacare Platinum Mobile Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

$2,495.00 $2,895.00

The Invacare Platinum Mobile portable oxygen concentrator is built to withstand the tests of everyday life.  Weathering daily bumps and various climate changes, this POC is designed to get you through the rigors of every day life.  

Check out these features -

Sensi-Pulse technology - automatically adjusts to deliver just the right amount of oxygen as you move about through the day.  

Smart Design - has 37% less tubing and fewer internal joints than the previously model.  

Integrated Particle Filter in the carry bag which makes cleaning a snap and easy to access Hepa filters that are positioned conveniently on the outside of the unit. 

Flexible - the unit holds one or two batteries depending on how long you want to be "off the grid" or how much weight you want to carry.  


  • System Includes:
  • Invacare Platinum Mobile POC
  • AC Power Supply (Wall Charger)
  • DC Power Supply (Car Charger)
  • Convertible Carry Bag / Backpack
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery
  • Product Warranty Support
  • Free, fast shipping

  • O2 Delivery : Pulse
  • Settings : 1-4
  • Weight : 4.9 lbs (1 Battery) 5.9 lbs (2 Batteries)
  • Sound (on setting of 2) : 40 dBA
  • Battery Avg (on setting of 1) : 3.5hrs (1 Battery) 7.0hrs (2 Batteries)
  • Max Flow Output : 880 ml/min
  • FAA Approved : Yes
  • Standard Warranty : 3 yrs on POC/1 yr on Battery/1 yr on Accessories
  • Sensi-Pulse Delivery Technology offering Pulse Dose with flow settings of 1-4
  • 4.9 lbs with one battery / 5.9 lbs with two batteries
  • Add a 2nd battery inside the machine and double your freedom!
  • Water-resistant - cleared IP22 rating to withstand 10 minutes of rain
  • Average Battery duration up to 7 hrs (pulse setting of 2) with two batteries*
  • Simple controls with large, backlit LCD buttons that are easy to see and understand
  • FAA Approved for airline travel
  • Temperature tolerant to adapt to multiple climinates
  • Can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder, as a backpack making it very portable
  • Attractive and quiet device is discreet and effective
  • Rugged design with reinforced bumpers and latch free doors to withstand the rigors of daily life
  • Top-load batteries are easy to swap and an optional desktop charger makes owning multiple batteries a breeze
  • 3 year limited warranty (see product specs for details)
  • Accessories Available:

  • External Desktop Battery Charger
  • Single Lithium Ion Battery
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