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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a portable oxygen concentrator?

Renting a POC is $300 for the first week (7 days) of your rental period.  After the first week, each consecutive week (7 days) is discounted to $200.  So 2 weeks is $500, etc, etc.

How much does it cost to ship it?

Shipping to your location is included in your rental fee.  You are responsible for the $49.95 Return Shipping charges to our store.  You should keep the original box and packing materials for use when returning the equipment.  A prepaid shipping label will be included.

What comes with my rental?

Each POC includes one battery, a carrying case, AC and DC chargers, and cart (if applicable, by model).  Don't be fooled by the others - some charge you extra just for a battery!  

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one full week (7 days).   There are no refunds for unused days in the minimum rental period.

Do I need a prescription to rent a portable concentrator?

Yes!  The FDA requires that a prescription from your physician be on file before we can release a portable concentrator to you.  If you don’t have one, we can assist by contacting your doctor’s office to help obtain a prescription for you.

Can I take a portable concentrator on an airplane?

Yes.  All of the portable concentrators we rent are FAA approved for air travel.

Do I need anything special to travel with a portable concentrator?

You should check with your airline to determine what their specific requirements are for using a POC on their airplane.

Do I need more than one battery for air travel?

The FAA requires oxygen patients to have enough battery life for 150% of the flight’s time.  Depending on your flight time, you will most likely will need at least two batteries, but perhaps will need more.  For example - If your flight time is four hours, you will need six hours of battery life.  Our customer service department can help you determine your battery needs based on your travel schedule

How do I determine battery life?

Battery life is dependent on your oxygen setting, breath rate and unit.  Our respiratory specialists will help you estimate battery needs and ensure a safe surplus.  Remember -this is only an estimate as other factors will affect battery life.

Can I rent additional batteries?

Yes. Extra batteries rent for $50 each per week for a Standard Battery and $75 per week for a Extended Battery (where available).

How do I charge batteries?

Every portable concentrator we rent includes a rechargeable battery (charging can even occur while in use).  External battery chargers are available to rent for $50 and can make charging multiple batteries easy.

What if I want to buy a portable oxygen concentrator after my rental?

If you love your rental and want to purchase the same model (or another model), we will apply your first week’s rental (up to a maximum of $300) towards the purchase of a new unit.  To apply this credit, purchase must be made within seven days of the rental period ending.

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