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Freedom 40 Watt SunPower Solar Panel

CPAP Battery

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Trying to "get off the grid" for a while?  Maybe a weekend camping trip or a week of hunting in the mountains?

Worried because you can't get a good nights sleep without your CPAP machine?

Never fear, because with the Freedom Battery and SunPower 40 Watt Solar Panel, you can power your PAP wherever life takes you.

Made from monocrystalline solar cells with low profile panels with anti-reflective coating produce more energy from any angle.

22% efficiency rating makes this one of the highest performing portable solar panels on the market.

Flexible, lightweight three panel design folds to 12.5" x 12.5" and weighs only 1.8 lbs. making it ultra portable.

In optimal charging conditions the Freedom™ CPAP Battery or C-100 CPAP Battery can be charged by the SunPower 40W Solar Panel in approximately 6 hours when the battery is fully discharged. 

As an added bonus you can charge other small devices like cell phones and tablets that operate from 19.2V or less by using the included DC input cord and the device’s DC power cord.

Compatible with both the Freedom™ CPAP Battery and the discontinued C-100 CPAP Battery. 


SunPower 40W Solar Panel

Connection Cord with Voltage Controller

DC Input Cord

Carry Bag


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