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Freedom Battery DreamStation 12v Power Adapter

CPAP Battery

$74.95 $79.95

Own a Respironics DreamStation and looking for a battery power solution to operate your device?

The Freedom Battery 12 Power Adapter is designed to power your DreamStation in conjunction with the Freedom Battery pack.

Although Respironics DreamStation PAP devices can operate from 12v direct current, the DC input port on these machines does require a proprietary signal in order to recognize a valid power source.  Therefore, the DreamStation 12v Power Adapter is required to complete the connection between the device and the Freedom™ CPAP Battery.

Battery Power Solutions' 12v Power Adapter was specifically designed for use with Respironics DreamStation series PAP devices and the Freedom™ CPAP Battery.

The simple, single component connection provides the required DC input signal allowing you to power your Respironics DreamStation series device with the Freedom™ CPAP Battery.

Don't let your CPAP lock you in the bedroom - Let the family of Freedom Battery products unlock the door and let you take your sleep therapy wherever your heart desires.  Check it out today!


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