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Freestyle 3 Standard Battery

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery


The Freestyle Standard Battery is simply to change and offers up to 30 additional minutes of duration over it's predecessor.   With a single battery, you can achieve an average of 2 1/2 hours of battery life on a setting of 2 (varies upon breath rate).   With additional fully charged batteries, you can spend the entire day un-teethered and active.  Imagine leaving your home in the morning, visiting friends, doing some shopping, maybe playing with the grandkids, and having a nice dinner out - all without having to plug your oxygen into a wall.  With multiple Freestyle Batteries, that's exactly what you can do! Add the optional Desktop Charger for even more flexibility.  

So grab some batteries, and live your active lifestyle!

Compatible with both the Freestyle 3 and Freestyle 5 POC models

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