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DreamStation Auto BiPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

BIPAP Machine


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The DreamStation Auto BIPAP Machine is one of the quietest BIPAP machines available today and the sleek styling looks more like an alarm clock than a BIPAP machine on your nightstand.

Our DreamStation Auto bundle includes a heated humidifier, so you'll be able to keep your sinuses from drying out throughout the night while breathing in warm, moist air, built-in cellular modem, built-in bluetooth connectivity, and travel case.

DreamStation Auto BIPAP Features include:

  • Sleek, low-profile design is small and lightweight for travel
  • Auto-adjusting pressure based on your body's feedback
  • Easy to navigate menus and attractive, easy-to-ready display
  • Integrated heated humidifier with easy-to-clean water chamber
  • Optional heated tubing, reduces buildup of condensation in tubing
  • Built-in cellular modem and bluetooth capabilities for easy data monitoring
  • Whisper quiet sound at only 25.8 decibels
  • OptiStart technology 

Auto-Adjusting Pressure with OptiStart Technology

The DreamStation Auto takes detailed measurements of your breathing throughout the night and makes automatic pressure adjustments while you sleep. This results in a more comfortable nights sleep, and better therapy. 

Simple controls, Easy-to-Read Display, intuitive navigation

The DreamStation Auto is one of the easiest machines to start. There's a button on top of the machine that can be pressed to begin therapy. The machine can also start based on the rhythm of your breathing. Automatic settings control the humidity, pressure, and comfort, without needing to do anything else. Just fall asleep.

Whisper Quiet Operation

When the machine and humidifier are running, the noise is barely audible and sounds like gentle white noise. At only 25.8 decibels, you won't be disturbing your partner.

Integrated Heated Humidifier

The DreamStation Heated Humidifier provides just the right amount of moisture to relieve dryness.  Dry box technology protects the CPAP machine from water escaping the chamber and damaging the electronics.  And the chamber is easy to clean and fill.

OPTIONAL: Heated Tubing

The DreamStation Auto with Heated Humidifier comes with a Standard Hose, but a lot of folks upgrade to the heated tube because it provides more effective humidification and reduces the amount of condensation that builds up in the tube.

Connected Therapy

The DreamStation Auto provides a few different options for you when you want to review your sleep therapy data. You can use the DreamMapper app which connects with your machine via Bluetooth, transmitting your therapy data to your mobile device.  The built-in cellular modem connects your doctor to you through CareOrchestrator cloud software.  Or you may purchase an SD card and download your data directly to a memory card. 

Prescription Required

  • System Includes:
  • DreamStation CPAP Machine
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Humidifer Water Chamber
  • 6ft PAP Tube
  • Carry Bag
  • Disposable & Reusable Filters
  • User Guide
  • Product Warranty Support
  • Free, fast shipping

  • Modes : Fixed CPAP / Fixed BiPAP / Auto-BiPAP
  • Features : EZ-Start
  • Pressure Range : 4 to 25 cm H2O
  • Dimensions : 8" x 11" 3"
  • Flex Comfort : C-Flex / Bi-Flex
  • Humidification Modes : Fixed Adaptive / Optional Heated Tube
  • Ramp : SmartRamp
  • Altitude Compensation : Automatic
  • BlueTooth Connectivity : Standard
  • Cellular Connectivity : Built-In
  • Standard Warranty : 2 year limited
  • Sleek, low-profile design looks great on the nightstand
  • Easy-to-use and simple to navigate menus
  • Integrated cellular modem for transmitting therapy data
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Small & Lightweight for travel and comes with soft case
  • Heated Humidifier with easy-to-clean, one-piece water chamber
  • EZ-Start option helps new patients gradually acclimate to therapy
  • SmartRamp feature lowers pressure at the beginning and slowly increases pressure to prescribed level as patient falls asleep
  • Free DreamMapper App lets you track your own progress and set goals for your therapy
  • Accessories Available:

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