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DreamStation is a recipient of the iF Design Award for 2016 in the product design discipline. Bringing Today's Technology together with Yesterday's proven success.

DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV Machine with Heated Humidifier

BIPAP Machine


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For patients with central sleep apnea, complex sleep apnea, and periodic breathing, the DreamStation BiPAP AutoSV is designed to deliver optimal ventilation with minimal intervention.  Its clinically proven algorithm provides support when needed, works with the patient's own breathing patterns to minimize applied pressure to make for more restful sleep.  Integrated Heated Humidifier provides additional comfort throughout the night.

The Philips Respironics servo-ventilation algorithm has been clinically proven to

  • Reduce the frequency of obstructive & central apneas
  • Reduce AHI
  • Improve Quality of Life for patients

Auto pressure support for periodic breathing

Patients with Complex Sleep Apnea often have sporadic breathing patterns.  The servo-ventilation algorithm adjusts the pressure support accordingly to stabilize breathing while delivering the minimal necessary level of mechanical intervention.  This allows for sufficient ventilation while still allowing natural pauses in breathing.  

Patient-driven design

Packaged in a sleek and stylish design, the DreamStation offers you the important features you demand in a BiPAP device.  It's small and lightweight, which makes it easy to pack for travel.  It features intuitive menus and an easy-to-read display.  And on the nightstand - the DreamStation looks more like a sleek alarm clock than a powerful therapy device.  

All DreamStation machines from the Active Lifestyle Store include a Heated Humidifier featuring an easy-to-clean, one-piece water chamber.  Heated humidification can make your therapy more comfortable and with easy-to-adjust settings, you can customize it based on your preferences.  Optional Heated Tubing model helps reduce the buildup of water in the tubing for a truly customizable setup.


Prescription Required

  • System Includes:
  • DreamStation BiPAP autoSV Machine
  • Heated Humidifier
  • Humidifer Water Chamber
  • 6ft PAP Tube
  • Carry Bag
  • Disposable & Reusable Filters
  • User Guide
  • Product Warranty Support
  • Free, fast shipping

  • Modes : BiPAP autoSV
  • Pressure Range : 4 to 30 cm H2O
  • Comfort : Servo-ventilation algorithm
  • Humidification Modes : Fixed Adaptive / Optional Heated Tube
  • Ramp : SmartRamp 0 to 45 minutes (5min increments)
  • Altitude Compensation : Automatic
  • Data Connectivity : Onboard: 3 months; SD Card: 6 months
  • Standard Warranty : 2 year limited
  • Dimensions : 29.7cm x 19.3cm x 8.4cm (with Humidifier)
  • Weight : 4.37 lbs (with Humidifier)
  • Sleek, low-profile design looks great on the nightstand
  • Servo-ventilation algorithm for periodic breathing episodes
  • Designed for treatment of Central Apnea and Complex Sleep Apnea
  • Easy-to-use and simple to navigate menus
  • Small & Lightweight for travel and comes with soft case
  • Heated Humidifier with easy-to-clean, one-piece water chamber
  • Accessories Available:

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