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The SeQual eQuinox - Smallest portable concentrator offering 3 lpm continuous flow and unique voice interface

SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The SeQual eQuinox is CAIRE’s premier transportable oxygen concentrator. The lightest, quietest and most advanced All-In-One portable oxygen concentrator on the market today, the SeQual eQuinox features cutting-edge technology and a unique multi-language voice interface with verbal confirmation of flow settings, battery times, and any alarms. The eQuinox delivers continuous flow up to 3 lpm and pulse dose settings of 1-9 and can even be used with your CPAP or BiPAP machine.  With a choice of two battery options, the eQuinox will last up to 2.7 hours on 2 lpm continuous flow (24 cell battery).With its advanced clinical features and high output capability, the SeQual eQuinox supports almost all oxygen users.  All this technology does not result in a cumbersome unit.  At only weighs only 14 pounds with the battery and FAA approved, the Sequal eQuinox is ready for your active lifestyle.

  • System Includes:
  • SeQual eQuinox POC
  • AC Power Supply (Wall Charger)
  • DC Power Supply (Car Charger)
  • Mobile Cart
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery
  • Accessory Bag
  • Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • 12 Month Supply of Cannulas (1/mth)
  • Product Warranty Support
  • Free, fast shipping

  • O2 Delivery : Continuous Flow & Pulse Dose
  • Settings : 1-3 lpm Continuous / 1-9 Pulse Dose
  • Weight : 14 lbs (12 cell battery) 15.8 lbs (24 cell battery)
  • Sound (on setting of 2) : 45 dBA
  • Battery Avg (on setting of 2l) : 1.2 hrs (12 cell) 2.7 hrs (24 cell) (continuous) 2.7 hrs (12 cell) 5.9 hrs (24 cell) (pulse)
  • Max Flow Output :2,976 ml/min
  • FAA Approved : Yes
  • Standard Warranty : 3 yrs on POC/1 yr on Battery
  • Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose
  • 14 lbs with battery (12 cell)
  • Can be used 24/7 for an All-In-One solution
  • Highest output of any POC on the market in the smallest unit
  • Battery duration up to 5.9 hrs pulse or 2.7 hrs continuous (setting of 2 & 24 cell battery)
  • A Multi-Language Voice Interface alerts the patient to important information
  • FAA Approved for airline travel
  • Slides easily under the airplane seat for storage
  • Battery can be charged while using the machine
  • A convenient front loading battery for easy access
  • Removable cart with telescoping handle for easy one-handed adjustment
  • Optional 24-cell battery gives extended battery life durations
  • Screen displays battery charge remaining to ensure peace of mind
  • Accessories Available:

  • 12 cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • 24 cell Lithium Ion Battery
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