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HDM Z1 CPAP PowerShell Module

HDM Z1 CPAP PowerShell Module

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Looking to power your Z1 CPAP without a wall outlet?  Then you need to add the PowerShell Module.  It's the perfect travel companion for your Z1 cpap machine.  Form fitting and attractive, it offers you an average of 8 hours of battery power on a full charge.  Enough for a great nights sleep whether on the airplane, in a tent, or during a power outage at home.  Do you like to camp?  Pick up some extra batteries, and combined with the PowerShell, you are now cord free for days!  

You've already made an excellent decision to own the world's most portable cpap machine - the Z1 - now why not maximize it's potential by adding the PowerShell from HDM.  The PowerShell Module includes the Shell and one Battery as shown.