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OxyGo FIT Replacement Columns

POC Replacement Columns


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Want to keep your OxyGo FIT running at it's best?  Then make sure you keep that way by replacing the sieve beds (columns) on a regular basis.  Easy to replace Columns let you do the work yourself without the need to send the machine into a repair shop.  Sold as a pair, you'll always want to replace both columns at the same time.

As you know, all machines have working parts, and all of them need to be routinely serviced to remain in optimal condition.  The columns in the OxyGo FIT will wear down after prolonged use.   We recommend replacing the columns every 12 months to ensure your unit is working the best that it possibly can.  Depending on circumstances, you might need to replace them sooner.  Your OxyGo FIT will notify you know when it is time to replace the columns.  Clear step-by-step instructions enable you to easily switch out the column pair without tools.  

Your OxyGo FIT offers you freedom and independence and you want to keep it performing at it's best.  






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