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BiPAP Machines

BiPAP (also referred to as Bi-PAP or Bilevel) stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure,.  Similar in function and design to a CPAP machine (continuous positive airway pressure),  a BiPAP machine is a non-invasive form of therapy for patients suffering from sleep apnea.  Both machine types deliver pressurized air through a mask to the patient's airways. The air pressure keeps the throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint. 

How is a BiPAP different?

Unlike a CPAP device that delivers a singular pressure, BiPAP machines offer two pressure settings: inhalation pressure (for breathing in), and a lower exhalation pressure (for breathing out).  For patients with higher prescribed pressures, exhaling can sometimes feel difficult, and a BiPAP's dual settings (ipap / epap) feature can make using a machine more comfortable at night, thus increasing the positive therapy results.

BiPAP therapy is known to help patients suffering from sleep apnea achieve better rest, so they can live healthier, more active lives. The Active Lifestyle Store has an outstanding range of BiPAP choices depending on your therapy needs. Call today and have one of our experienced respiratory specialists help you find the right BiPAP for you!

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