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ResMed AirCurve 10 Bipap S/T (Cellular Modem)

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The AirCurve™ 10 Bipap S/T is a bilevel device with backup rate that provides exceptional patient–ventilator synchrony, reducing the work of breathing so patients remain comfortable and well-ventilated. It’s an ideal choice for reliable, cost-effective noninvasive ventilation when alarms are not required.


  • Climate Control with built-in HumidAir™ humidifier delivers constant temperature and humidity levels for enhanced comfort
  • Enhanced Easy-Breathe motor makes for a quiet and peaceful sleep environment
  • Continuous leak management provides consistent pressure while maintaining maintaining synchrony between you and the machine
  • Upright design takes up less space and the color LCD screen is simple to use
  • Climate Control - comprises the HumidAir™ humidifier and the ClimateLineAir™ heated air tube (Optional Accessory), and is designed to deliver constant, comfortable temperature and humidity levels. It also aims to minimize the common side effects of therapy to increase compliance
  • AirView - ResMed’s cloud-based patient management system, you can access nightly therapy data, troubleshoot remotely (using the Remote Assist feature) and change device settings remotely
  • Built-in Cellular Modem to connect your doctor via AirView cloud when you have a follow up appointment or need physician guidance

Package Includes:

AirCurve 10 S/T Machine with Integrated Heated Humidifier, Built-in cellular modem, and bluetooth connectivity

Disposable Intake Filter

6ft Standard Tube

Carrying Case