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Item was received and worked fine>

OxyGo FIT Double Battery


I love this machine,! Not heavy. Thanks

Collums for oxygo

Easy to install and working fine.

Great Job, Active Lifestyle Store!

They were very helpful, friendly and quick to process and send my order.

Thank you!

OxyGo FIT Standard Battery


Just returned from Europe and the was extremely useful.

Surprisingly easy transaction

Price is set and so what matters in choosing a vendor is service. The Active Lifestyle Store can't be beat. I was surprised to receive the battery in less than 48 hours. Active Lifestyle will be my recommendation again and again.


All good and nicely wrapped


OxyGo Backpack

Super help

Great on the go. Not having to worry about low oxygen.

Wonderful product and seller

Understanding and caring staff. Quick and easy to order. Quick delivery. Thanks!

Works great!

Excellent instruction manual.


Excellent idea - waiting for the day when you can make a machine the size of a cell phone.

OxyGo Backpack

I have just started using my backpack. I love it. It is so well made and easy to adjust. This is perfect for me. The pack arrived very quickly and the sales person was very helpful. This is definitely worth the extra money.

I am so excited with my oxygofit

I really enjoy my oxygofit. It is so much better on my shoulders. I recommend this to anyone who is on a oxygen regime with a flow of 3 and below. The oxygofit is affordable and can be financed. Other than the fact that it is so cute, it does what it meant to do.

02 bubbler

The purchase was well documented and arrived in a timely manner, the price was right and well handled. I would purchase again.

OxyGo Battery Charger

Nick, is fabulous person with whom to work. He explained all I needed to do. Great experience. We discussed about my getting other equipment. I look forward to my next purchase.


Great service

Clean and compact

Works great as a backup for when power fails and as a straight up supply for cord free operation.

Great quality!

Great improvements,straps and chest strap.
Fil Babitz


OxyGo Double Battery