Who is the Active Lifestyle Store?

We are healthcare professionals with over 50 years of combined experience providing for the needs of patients.  Every day we support the needs of our patients with expertise and pride.

Over the past several years, we recognized an increasing gap in what patient's desired and what their insurance plans were willing to pay for.  We don't think that's right and we set out to find a solution.  Thus - the creation of the Active Lifestyle Store.

At the Active Lifestyle Store, our focus is on providing products that provide clinical benefit, but equally as important, provide the freedom and mobility that our customers are searching for to maintain the lifestyles for which they are accustomed.  No one wants to be tied down to the house, lug around a heavy, ugly tank, or be embarrassed when someone sees their medical equipment.

Quality, style, and technology drive our product selection.  Just like the advances with cell phones, the advances of medical equipment is also taking place everyday.  Portable oxygen concentrators that are lightweight, stylish, and highly mobile.  Ultra-portable CPAP machines for traveling or sleep devices that look great on your nightstand and perform at the highest level.  Our team of experts are always watching for the next great product to make available to our customers.   

We offer consumers the opportunity to engage in their own healthcare choices and not be stymied by an insurance plan.  And we support our customers with years of experience in the industry.  Give us a call and let the Active Lifestyle Store show you how!