At the Active Lifestyle Store we know a great customer experience goes well beyond your purchase of oxygen therapy products.  We have over 50 years of combined experience helping our customers determine what technologies and therapy solutions will create and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

In addition to being experts with the products and services we provide, our staff of expert respiratory therapists are well versed on the science and medicine behind the oxygen therapies our clients utilize.  

Below are a few resources we have used to help educate customers on oxygen therapy related topics.  Please check this page often as we will provide additional helpful links.

COPD Foundation 

A fantastic online resource to help those with COPD.  This authoritative site includes a combination of medical and scientific information and community-based interaction and support.  The site can be used for research, general education and staying connected with others working to live active lifestyles with COPD.

American Lung Association 

The definitive resource for learning about everything related to the lungs.  Our therapists regularly explain respiratory and pulmonary basics to our customers as a supplement to information from medical providers.  The American Lung Association website is a comprehensive location to learn about lung functioning and medical conditions related to how our bodies intake and process oxygen.

Mayo Clinic Sleep Apnea Resource 

The Mayo Clinic has long been a go-to resource for medical though-leadership in the United States.  This site provides a good summary of what the condition of sleep apnea is.  It also includes a short list of symptoms for those who might have sleep apnea.  The authors identify three main types of sleep apnea:  obstructive sleep apnea; central sleep apnea; and complex sleep apnea syndrome.  Last, the importance of addressing and treating sleep apnea is discussed.

Benefits of exercising with COPD  

An informative site providing explanation and some conditions that may lead to the development or onset of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  The authors detail risk factors that may cause COPD and warning signs to look out for.  In addition to this helpful information, the resource provides several treatment options.  Last, the article focuses on specific exercise recommendations to lessen the effects of COPD.  Living an active lifestyle in this case leads to being able to increase your activity, even with COPD!