Investing in a portable oxygen concentrator in a vital step in enhancing your active lifestyle!  The Active Lifestyle Store is committed to providing the best possible resources to help you make great purchase choices that will help make your life better.  Whether it is providing expert respiratory therapy information or giving you technical product help, we're here to give you the best possible experience to make your life better.

One decision our customers make is to invest in their medical equipment outside the traditional insurance-reimbursement model.   Active Lifestyle Store customers regularly let us know how much more pleasant it is purchasing their equipment directly versus trying to use insurance.  

With the old insurance reimbursement model, you do not choose the brand or product features of your equipment, someone else chooses for you.  Sometimes that equipment is used, and a lot of times, it doesn't fit your lifestyle.  Add in all the insurance requirements like additional doctors visits, test results, and compliance proof and it really can become a burden to your healthcare.  

Purchasing direct has numerous benefits over the old insurance model.

1) Choices - you get dozens of product choices including Brand and Features to make sure what you get is what you want.

2) Availability - the newest technologies are not available through insurance plans, but they are from us.  Why accept a flip phone, when a smartphone is available.

2) Ease - all you need is your valid prescription to get your equipment. No wasted doctor visits, no unnecessary tests.  

4) Cost - with deductibles reaching $5,000, many of our clients actually pay less out of pocket by buying direct from the Active Lifestyle Store.

Example - Let's say you are prescribed a CPAP machine.

A) Insurance ABC allows $100/month for the rental of that machine and caps the rental at 13 months.  However, you have a $1,500 deductible (low by today's standards), so you pay the full $1,300 out of pocket.

B) You choose a brand new CPAP from the Active Lifestyle Store.  It is the latest technology and includes all the features available.  You pay $1,055.  You save almost $300 and have a CPAP that you chose to fit your lifestyle.

Reach out to an Active Lifestyle Store representative today at 1-877-879-9050 to learn more about how we can provide the best possible cost-of ownership for your medical equipment needs.  We even provide financing for many purchases.  Click here to learn more.