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Trade In Program

Trade-In Upgrade Program

What if things change and your current portable concentrator can no longer meet your needs.  No worries – we offer you the opportunity to trade-in your unit for a new model that will meet your lifestyle needs.

How the program Works:

Our trade-in upgrade program is easy to understand and simple to complete.

1.  Fill out the trade-in upgrade request form linked below and request a quote on your current unit.  You’ll receive an estimated trade-in value from our team of technicians as well as a Quote Request Number (QRN).
2.  Package up and send your portable oxygen concentrator in to be evaluated by our technicians.
3.  We will test the machine to ensure it is in working order and evaluate the resell condition.
4.  We will provide you with a final trade-in quote.  If you agree to the quote, we will apply that credit toward your purchase of a new portable concentrator.
5.  If you decline our quote, we will help you arrange to have you concentrator shipped back to you.  

      Needs change.  Let our Trade-In Upgrade program ease your mind.  Live your active lifestyle.