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Philips Respironics

6ft High Performance 22mm CPAP/BiPAP Hose (Tube)

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Made by Philips Respironics, a world-wide leader in the CPAP/BiPAP arena, this High Performance tube is universally compatible with almost all brands of CPAP or BiPAP on the market.   20% lighter than traditional tubes, and much more flexible, this 6ft CPAP/BiPAP tube comes in Pure White color, to complement your device.  Lighter tubing means less 'pull' on your mask and a more comfortable nights sleep.  But despite the lighter weight, this High Performance tubing is still very durable and should provide you months of quality service.  Having an extra tube gives you more flexibility with cleaning and provides a backup in case something breaks with one of your tubes.  


  • Ergonomic 22mm cuffs that are easy to grasp for attaching or removing from your machine
  • 20% lighter and more flexible than standard tubing
  • Standard 6 foot length
  • 19mm interior diameter and 22mm exterior diameter cuff
  • Pure white color
  • Universally compatible with most brands of machines