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DreamWear Nasal Mask

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DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask from Philips Respironics combines the benefits of a nasal mask and a pillows mask, to provide the best of both worlds in a single design.  DreamWear is a winner of the iF Design Gold Award in 2016.

The cutting edge design offers freedom of movement and superior comfort to patients.   Its remarkable design directs airflow through the frame to the patient, creating unobstructed vision and comfort.  The minimal contact, under-the-nose cushion prevents red marks on the face, and irritation of the nostrils or bridge of the nose. 

Unrestricted by cumbersome tubing, you can now sleep in any position you desire without compromise.  Side sleeper - no problem.  Back or stomach sleeper - no issues.  Get a restful nights sleep.

Sold in a Fit Pack system with 4 different size cushions (S/M/L/MW) and Medium Frame for a truly customized fit.  Find the perfect size for your face.

Experience the newest CPAP mask technology - the award-winning DreamWear Nasal Mask.

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