Forma Full Face CPAP Mask - Active Lifestyle Store
Forma Full Face CPAP Mask - Active Lifestyle Store
Forma Full Face CPAP Mask - Active Lifestyle Store

Fisher & Paykel

Forma Full Face CPAP Mask

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The Forma Full Face Mask from Fisher & Paykel forms a superior seal while providing more comfort that allows for a greater range of movement through the night. The T-Piece adds stability to the stylish Mask Base, and works in harmony with the highly contoured Silicone Seal and Under-Chin Design to enhance sleep performance. With its ease of use and superior conforming seal, the Forma sets a whole new standard.

FlexiFit Technology with foam cushion adjusts to a wide range of nasal and facial shapes.  With simple one-step fitting and no complicated adjustments, the mask is quickly customized to your face for optimal fit.

Under-Chin Design results in a stable mask fit by providing a constant point of reference and maintains the optimal seal even if the jaw moves during the night. 

Advanced Bias Diffuser provides an advanced air diffusion system that prevents air from blowing onto you or your sleeping partner while at the same time reducing air noise that can disrupt a peaceful sleep.

Premium Frosted Silicone Seal provides a soft, smooth feel on the face while at the same time, optimizing the seal for consistent pressure.

Glider Slide feature connects the headgear to the mask frame for stability.   But much more than that, the Glider Slide allows the pressure of the seal to stay uniform regardless of sleep position or head turn.

FlexiFoam Cushion provides greater comfort with a soft, light, and supportive foam.  FlexiFoam features an advanced active contouring that conforms naturally to your face.

T-Piece Mask Base removes complicated adjustments while adding stability that complements the FlexiFit design and allows it to auto-adjust for a hassle-free fit.

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