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Freedom V2 ResMed AirMini Output Cable Kit

CPAP Battery


  • The Freedom V² ResMed AirMini Cable Kit includes the cables required
    to connect AirMini Travel CPAP machines to the Freedom V² CPAP Battery and
    to connect the AirMini power supply to the battery for charging.

    The single cable connections make setting up your ResMed AirMini
    to the Freedom V² and charging the battery fast and easy!

    • Output Cable Connection
      • Plug the Output Cable into the battery DC OUT port.
      • Plug the Output Cable into the power inlet port of the
        ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP.
      • The ResMed AirMini should begin receiving power.
    • Power Supply Adapter Connection
      • Plug the Power Supply Adapter into the battery DC IN port.
      • Connect the Power Supply Adapter to the ResMed AirMini
        Travel CPAP power supply.
      • Plug the AirMini power supply into the wall outlet to begin
        charging the Freedom V² battery.

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