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Inogen G4 Particle Filter

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Want to keep your new Inogen G4 portable oxygen concentrator working at peak capacity?  If you are like most other owners, you can't imagine a day without the freedom provided by your POC.  That's why it is important to perform the routine maintenance necessary to keep it running like the day you bought it.    

The easy-to-remove particle filters cover the air intake screens on your Inogen G4 POC to filter out dust, pet hair, and other air-borne contaminants.  They are reusable and washable - good for your wallet and the environment!  You should wash and dry the filters weekly (more often in very dusty environments) to help keep the concentrator working properly.  Then replace the filter when it becomes too dirty to clean or if the screen is ever damaged.  You'll know when is the right time to replace it simply by visual inspection.


These particle filters are inexpensive, easy to change, and will help to keep your POC operating in optimal condition.   Take care of your portable concentrator and your POC will take care of you!