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Inogen G5 Replacement Columns (Pair)

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Enjoy your Inogen G5 Concentrator?  Then make sure you keep it working at optimal levels by replacing the sieve beds on a regular basis.  The removable Replacement Columns are a quick and simple way to service your Inogen One G5 without having to send it in to a repair shop.  Sold as a pair, the columns contain the sieve beds that convert normal room air into a portable supply a high concentration oxygen.  

Like all working parts, these sieve beds wear down after prolonged use.   We suggest replacing the columns every 12  to 18 months to keep your portable concentrator running the best that it can.  In certain conditions like dust or smoke, you might need to replace them sooner.

When replacement is required the Inogen One G5 will alert you to the need with a Low Priority Alert reading "O2 Service Soon". This alert means that the columns should be replaced within 30-days. Column replacement is a simple process, that can be completed at home, without any special tools.

Clear step-by-step instructions are available in your owner's manual.  Your G5 offers you freedom and independence and you don't want to be without it - and with these easy to change Replacement Columns, you won't have to.