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OxyGo DC Car Charger (All Models)

POC Power Supply

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This DC power supply is specifically designed for use with the OxyGo portable oxygen concentrator.  Use it in your car, your motor home, your boat - anywhere that you have a DC power supply. It will not only power your OxyGo portable concentrator, but it charges the battery (if attached) at the same time.  Talk about convenience!  So now you can use your POC in the car, while you charge the battery, and arrive at your destination ready to go.  

If you own a cell phone (and who doesn't these days), I bet that you have at least 1 car charger for your phone.  And just like your cell phone, your POC goes everywhere with you so doesn't it make sense to have a car charger for your POC as well?

Get the most from your portable oxygen concentrator by adding this inexpensive, but valuable, accessory today!

Compatible with the OxyGo and OxyGo FIT portable concentrators.

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