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OxyGo External Particle Filter

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All machines need upkeep and your POC is no exception.  And if you love the freedom and independence that you get from owning a POC, then you especially value your machine operating at it's very best.  

That's why it is important to regularly wash the external particle filters on your OxyGo portable concentrator.  We suggest doing so about every 1-2 weeks depending on operating conditions (dust, smoke, etc) and dry before reattaching to your unit.  Then you should replace both particle filters about every 6 months (sometimes sooner depending on your environment) to keep them working as expected. 

Particle filters are important to maintain the operation of your POC as well as get the most from your unit.  Inexpensive and Important - why not pick some up today?

These filters fit the OxyGo that is equipped with Flow Settings of 1 to 5. 

Sold as a Pair (2)