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OxyGo FIT Double Battery

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Battery

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The OxyGo Fit Double Battery is a (8) Cell Lithium Ion battery that snaps easily onto your portable oxygen concentrator giving you complete mobility and freedom.  It doubles the battery life of the single battery and gets you farther through your day.

Whether you're traveling on vacation, shopping for groceries, or off to visit friends, having extra battery power puts more freedom at your disposal.  With a double battery, your OxyGo Fit can give you up to 5.5 hours of power (depending on setting).

Want peace of mind?  Always have a fully charged spare battery with you.  You'll have unplugged power no matter where you go.

Planning to take a commercial flight?  You'll need spare power for the flight, and additional power to fully enjoy your trip.

Extra batteries. Extra Power. Extra Freedom - Get yours today!

1 year Warranty



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