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Z1 / Z2 Heat/Moisture Exchanger (EA)

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Your Z1 and Z2 CPAP machine was designed with ultra portability in mind.  Mission accomplished!  But with such a small design, there was no where to include an additional heated humidifier like on a more traditional CPAP device.  And there are times when the air is dry and using a CPAP can add to your dryness.  

That's where the Heat/Moisture Exchanger comes in.  More commonly known as an HME, it is a simple filter system that attaches directly in-line with your tubing and machine, and collects your own humidified breath to add moisture to your CPAP therapy.   Highly portable and effective.  If you have issues with dry mouth or sinus', pick up some HME's and see if that helps.  

Each HME lasts for 7 days of usage.  Sold by the EACH.  Stock up today!