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Zoey Automated CPAP Mask Cleaner

CPAP Cleaner

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We're all in a hurry these days and let's be honest, who wants to wash your CPAP masks and humidifier chamber every day!  Well with Zoey, cleaning your equipment is easy, fast, and painless. 

#1 Choose what to clean

  • Clean your mask, tube, and machine at the same time

  • Or choose just to clean your mask and tube

With Zoey - you get options.

#2 Easy to use, quiet and sleek

  • Start Zoey immediately or use the delay mode with a single button

  • The small footprint & attractive design fits your living space

  • When you are ready for bed, simply take your mask out and put it on.  In the morning, reverse the process!

O3 technology

  • Zoey cleans using activated oxygen, or O3, to kill 99% of all bacteria.  Then it safely converts back to room oxygen when the cleaning cycle is complete

  • Ozone or O3 is proven effective and is the same technology used in the SoClean device, but at a significant savings!

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